Saturday, June 4, 2011

Citizenship and pregnancy - both are all or nothing

Am I a full citizen, or not?  According to GOP's anti-woman law proposals, I'm only 3/5s a citizen.  3/5s a citizen was the degree assigned to slaves.

If the government can regulate  my uterus, which I was born with, then I'm only 3/5s of a citizen.  
It's a body part, no different from my skin color.  If the government rules that I'm not worthy of dying for my country as a full member of the United States military because of my uterus, I'm 3/5s a citizen.
 If my liberty and rights depend on the comfort level of strangers, rather than my Constitutional rights as a full citizen, I'm only 3/5s a citizen.

Twentieth Century Jim Crow laws disenfranchised technically 'equal' citizens. Under the guise of States rights, they enforced a government based discrimination which continues today.  Anti-abortion laws are no different than Jim Crow laws.  They seek to create an enslaved class of people based on physical characteristics.  It reeks of the same patronizing theory that full citizenship is beyond what I can aspire to.

Same old song - but it's gender this time, instead of race.

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