Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sacred Words

No more passive acceptance of decoding.

The 500 pound elephant.  Religion. Pretty obvious.  Any believe structure which is dependent on an exclusive ability to interpret the written word loses power and authority as the followers insist on a fuller more visual (and heretical) message to achieve the same level of faith and suspension of rationality for equally accessible sources.

Revealed word religions, which depend on providing a translator/ initiate who is specially trained to decode/speak to god,  are at a disadvantage, not only because their assumption of authority flows solely through the written document but because of an inability to make the total leap to the pagan chaos of social media is dependent on an intellectual  freedom from a supreme authority of  the

As printed words become less authoritative in favor of a chaotic social media, competition between the written, decoded word and the emotional trigger of the visual is always won by the emotional, personalized experience.  Emotional experience will trump authority because of emotion element.  

Faith dependent on a written source that cannot be buttressed by visuals, except  historic artifacts like art must either  incorporate visual, emotional elements (guns, gays, abortion) in order to supply the web of  visual and emotional references which has replaced the linear A to B to C  of the written word, or they must fight against any attempt to infect the written word by reinterpreting it into other words or pictures.  Because once words can made fungible, control through words ceases.

Bible cannot win without moving beyond the sanctity of the word.  Constitutional fetishism flows from a conservative desire to maintain the controllable, linear logic trains.  They recognize the loss of control over religious bondage, and instead redirect the fervor to a different but related field of politics.  The Sanctity of the Biblical/Koranic Word is  passed to the secular document of the Constitution.  "Originalist's" spring up, worshiping the word, not the verbiage.  Faced with over 200 years of experience and interpretation of the Constitution, the sole means of sanctifying such a living document is to attempt to paralyze it in time and attempt to give its words new, occult and sacred meaning that can only be decoded by a select priesthood with special powers.   Sounding familiar here?  Thought it may.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Citizenship and pregnancy - both are all or nothing

Am I a full citizen, or not?  According to GOP's anti-woman law proposals, I'm only 3/5s a citizen.  3/5s a citizen was the degree assigned to slaves.

If the government can regulate  my uterus, which I was born with, then I'm only 3/5s of a citizen.  
It's a body part, no different from my skin color.  If the government rules that I'm not worthy of dying for my country as a full member of the United States military because of my uterus, I'm 3/5s a citizen.
 If my liberty and rights depend on the comfort level of strangers, rather than my Constitutional rights as a full citizen, I'm only 3/5s a citizen.

Twentieth Century Jim Crow laws disenfranchised technically 'equal' citizens. Under the guise of States rights, they enforced a government based discrimination which continues today.  Anti-abortion laws are no different than Jim Crow laws.  They seek to create an enslaved class of people based on physical characteristics.  It reeks of the same patronizing theory that full citizenship is beyond what I can aspire to.

Same old song - but it's gender this time, instead of race.


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